PKE Lighting operates a large and varied fleet of lighting vehicles and mobile silent generators. In addition to the management and running of our own fleet, we also have experienced personnel who can organise the shipping of our modern lighting equipment throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

Every year PKE invests in state of the art generators. Working closely with some of the leading generator manufacturers in Europe, we assist in the design, procurement and build of some of the most silent, emission efficient sets available on the market. Our team are dedicated to providing efficient power solutions, whilst reducing our impact on the environment.

Our versatile selection of generators ranges from 3KW portable to 300KW carriers. To complement our mobile carrier fleet, PKE also operates custom built 4x4 off road generators for those hard to reach locations. This enables us to provide a safe solution to any filming requirements in remote locations.

All of our generators are manufactured to the strict conformity of the European Council and naturally follow EU regulations for acceptable emission levels.