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PKE Lighting are a lighting rental and sales organisation supplying to TV, Film, Theatre, Photographic, Education and AV Markets, based in Manchester with offices in the Isle of Man.

We offer complete lighting packages to suit you and your budget including Transport, Generation and Labour. We are experienced in providing solutions to customer requirements and locations. Whether your working on Documentaries, Music Videos, Commercials. Outside Broadcasts, Television Dramas, Films or Photographic Stills.

Our Gaffers, Electricians, Console Operators and Generator Operators are experienced and skilled, led by a management team with over 60 years experience in lighting.

We are a supplier of lamps, filters and other consumables to all industries and carry a large stock for quick dispatch.

All our lamps are branded and come directly from the manufacturer which garantees reliable performance along with value for money. We are a Stockist for Colourama and also the approved supplier for Profoto in the North.

We are reputed as having some of the best maintained and reliable equipment in the lighting industry.

The range of equipment stocked covers the whole range of incandescent, discharge and flash systems together with grip, textiles and accessories.

We understand how important Health and safety is, which is why our equipment goes through a rigerous testing proceedure to ensure that the equipment you receive is safe and reliable.

Transport & Generators

We have a large fleet of mobile generators ranging from 5kw portable, to 160kw Single Sets.

Our state of the art 150kw Twin Sets are fully equipped with up-to-date technology to ensure your production runs smoothly without interruption.

All of our generators are load carriers, which enables us to keep your transport costs low.

Transport ranges from 9cwt to 17 Ton Box Vans, and all vans from 7.5 Tons upwards are fitted with tail-lifts.

Every vehicle is covered by 24hr roadside assistance in the UK and Europe.

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